Somerset House – Looking through new eyes….

We arrived at Somerset house to be greeted with the most stunning sunshine in the court yard, beautifully accompanied by sculptures of seashells glinting in the mid morning Rays.Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 21.07.32

We travel towards the majestic royal
like stair case and emerge into a vast and echoey foyer with a large reception desk which held a large marble vase full of blooming lillys, noticeably cooler that the beating sun, slowly we made our way through the exhibition I was presented with an array of stunning and unique illustration pieces.
As I walked in it had that lovely fresh white feel the same as every good exhibition should have.the sun was sprinkling through the large bay windows and although rather irritating for taking pictures
it gave me a gorgeous warmth to my skin and a stunning glow to the exhibition making it that much more Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 21.05.25

Noticing some pretty white birds that look like they are fluttering out of the gallery wall that give me a little grin as its so simple yet stunning perfectly placed.As I wonder through with time not being a concern I start to notice more and more, I glance to my left at one of the large windows and realise that we have been blessed with a spectacular view of London,with rows of people eating there lunch and enjoying the unexpected October sun.
As I walk round I look to my feet to notice a gorgeous patterned wooden floor pocking out from underneath a large glass cabinet that held beautiful artwork.
I decided I would use this trip to put into practise my noticing skills and also decided to try to see the world through new eyes and although feeling silly at first it is a skill I will most definitely be practicing as I can tell this will really help with my inspiration in this and future design projects and briefs.

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