Serif – Just a little line ?

Starting with the basics of type Id first start to show the difference between serif and sans-serif typefaces.
As shown in the picture a serif is a small line at the end some typeface which would subsequently make it a serif typeface.
Most body text like essays, newspaper columns etc. tend to be in a serif fonts because they are considered easier to read that sans-serif fonts when printed. Serif faces originate from the latin alphabet and tend to be related to lettering carved from stone.Serifs usually appear on the upper and lower case version of the letter and glyphs and other characters in the face.
People tend to believe that sans-serif type faces are more modern than serif just because in modern design we tend to use them to make our work look more clean and crisp and rumours are that san serif is more attention grabbing than a serif.My personal opinion is that they can both be just as effective as each other although I feel sans-serifs do look slightly more modern, it depends on the personal project and the feeling or appropriateness to a piece.


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