Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 18.10.38

I chose this poster to look at because I wanted some ideas on how to incorporate type as well as imagery for my ideas for my final design.
I personally think this is a very effective piece of design, It looks clean and polished and shows type clearly and is legible.
This piece has a varsity feel to it with the sans serif type and the banners and lines. }
This poster is using type and imagery effectively by using the simple, non-busy part of the imagery to place the type insuring that there is no busy imagery behind to detract the eye from reading the type.
The diamond shapes had different colours that stick to the colour scheme of the background imagery, I feel this also makes it easier to read as it puts a small layer between the image and the text getting more dense towards the middle to create almost a completely solid colour behind the main and important type.The type at the top is reverse out type on a black background, this differentiates between the large pieces of type like the words “easy” and “worth” as these are clearly the words the designer wanted to be recognised more.
Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 18.08.55

I chose these posters for the same very reason because I wanted to gain abit more understanding for how I can put imagery and type together.
Now this one has a slightly different way of solving the problem.
This uses shape and colour to separate the imagery and type.
I really like the use of black and white image with a pop of colour this gives the designer a lot of control over what we want to focus the audiences eye towards.
Using triangles and circles to create space for the type but also makes for a very clean and creative finish to the pieces.
I think the use of light blues with the black and white background.Also the use to the cream and grey backgrounds with the bright pops of colour are very effective and attract the eye to the correct and important information.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 18.21.18I like the simplicity of this piece.I feel that the piece is effective as it gives all the information simply and makes it easily understood by a wide range of people.
In my opinion the information although clear could be slightly larger although I do not know how big this poster is designed to be so the size of the piece may solve this problem.
I like the use of one large letter to demonstrate what the piece is based upon and catch the eye of the audience.
This could be done by creating a clipping mask, I would do this in illustrator (I will do a post to show I would go about this).
I also think the background colour makes the bright colours of the pattern in the letterform stand out more therefore showing the theme of the piece and attracting attention.


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