How high? How stable? How Elegant?

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 17.27.56The task was to create, in teams a shoe tower as high as possible that can stand with stability whilst also considering aesthetic value of the piece its self. The purpose for this activity was based on the creative approach of “creative play”, this is the process of a zero pressure situation to play around with different materials and resources without the fear of failure.Large design agencies such as Ideo are well known for practicing these sort of “creative play” activity.Tim Brown, member of Ideo said “We fear the judgement of our peers and that we are embarrassed of showing our ideas and this fear is what causes us to be conservative in our thinking” This suggests that being conservative in our ideas is not a healthy way of thinking for design to blossom.This is because we should not fear failure in our work as we will only reach a good final point if we now what doesn’t work as well what does work and the only way to know what doesn’t work is by failing a few times.

Doing this task was very constructive in understanding this way of thought to adapt your design process  to  suit a better regime when being creative.

As we worked in groups it also tested our team skills and we feel we worked well as a team through ensuring everybody made input and making sure everyones voices where heard. As a group we decided we would sit down and make a quick plan on how we could tackle it and decided to start of with a jenga type structure, applying our knowledge  of other things in this area after trying this we  decided there was better ways of doing it which would be more stable so  after assuring we had enough time to try again,we did.

After about 3 try’s we found that  the best structure to go with was stacking them in a pyramid like shape.We felt this was the best  way to gain stability and still have some form of structure.

This task taught me that the best ideas will come from allowing yourself to experiment and if something doesn’t work then you know what not to do next time.


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