Generating Ideas For Final

My first port of call was to create a mind map by looking at my images,resources,research and inspiration etc.
I started to think about what I wanted to represent with my poster.. Location,imagery,information etc.
After creating this mind map I started creating some very rough little thumbnails to try and get a feeling for the idea or layout I go for.

I looked at what stylistic values my peice should encompass and how I might go about using colour and type and imagery of type all in one poster.
I came up with a few different links and ideas.Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 19.10.45
The drawing of a building was just me thinking about possibly demonstrating some sort of location from Bexhill its self to represent the surroundings of the type tour.
I then stated how I didn’t want my poster to be with the drawing on the left which is the traditional,Image on the right and type on the left with a large heading poster, I felt this was inappropriate for this project and that I wanted it to be something stylistic and fashion forward to appeal to the market and audience I want to appeal to.
My next step will be to create some thumbnails and mock ups on illustrator.


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