De La Warr Pavilion – Inspiration

When planning our trip to Bexhill we decided we would take a visit to the local gallery and look at the exhibitions they had to offer and try to gain some inspiration and imagery from the exhibitions.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 23.00.03

The first exhibition we visited was
“Towards an alternative history of graphic design”
“Schmuck, POP, bRIAN, Assembling” 

“This exhibition sets out a new way of looking at graphic design history by focusing on four publications from the late-1960s to mid-1970s – Schmuck, POP, bRIAN and Assembling – designed by individuals and groups without any formal training of typography, graphic design or print production.”

Whilst in this exhibition we were allowed to photograph so I took the opportunity to gain inspiration mainly focusing on layout and poster work, an advantage to this exhibition was that a lot of the work was based around type so really helped with this particular project, I feel this exhibition was a very different one. Firstly it does not have the normal layout of a design exhibition with white walls and very minimalist, this one is almost the opposite the walls a grey colour and are full of work, almost crammed with artwork.There is also some very large pieces above the line of work and in some cases straight through the work, I feel this has been done in this way to reflect the almost rebellious and unfinished style of the exhibition, I feel the work that is presented has a very raw and original feel to it, it is not as generic and perfect as other design work as these are not professionals but that is almost nicer as they are doing it for themselves not for other people there for the work is not as polished and indoctrinated by outside influence.

There was a few pieces I was most inspired by one being this large piece that concludes of large letters that fill the space and filled with smaller type and words, This constitutes of 5 letter but I feel this could look really effective with either one large letter or two or three maybe representing or reading something on the page.This inspired me as I feel this is an eye catching piece and could look extremely effective in advertising for my final poster.
This sparked an idea of maybe having large letters across the centre of the page possibly reading BH to stand for bexhill, as you can see in my quick thumbnail sketch I could not decide how I could do this and also incorporate images and information into the poster itself but the had a thought that it would possibly look good to have a collage of images inside the letters (I could do this in illustrator by making my text into paths and then using a clipping mask to fill it with the collage).My next step of action will be to use my skills in programmes to test out this idea.


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