Brief #1

So today we got our first brief ..
After being delivered the Brief I decided I would make some  notes to insure I had a strong understanding of deadlines and how I will look at the project and kick-start my creativity.

Deadline: Friday 16th October 2015 – 17:00pm
Project title: Type Tour Poster
My aim for this project is to create an effective, creative and interesting poster advertising a type tour in Bexhill including the necessary information giving in the brief.
I’m going to kick-start my project by doing broad research on type,understanding the anatomy of type and trying to gain inspiration and create some art work responses.
During this project I hope to improve my design process and try to gain more creative and original pieces,I will go about this by gaining more techniques of idea generation and practicing different creative behaviours.
This project suits me nicely as a designer as I can put my photography skills to use and I enjoy this sort of work in general.I can also work on and improve my typography knowledge which will come in useful when working on branding and logo design which is something I am very interested in pursuing as I establish myself in the graphic design industry.
I am going to post all my inspiration and research onto my blog and hope to have atleast one inspiration per day for my type tour poster I am aiming to include
– Inspiration from other artists
– My responses to artists work
– Findings
– Photography
– drawings ect.

I will also research who my target audience so that my poster will be tailored for the perfect audience and how they look at things and how they view at things in there life and in advertising.
I will give myself plenty of time to insure I have time for printing etc so that I insure I can be completely finished on deadline day.


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