Bexhill Trip Plan

Bexhill Trip Plan

Firstly we will be driving to Bexhill, the intention of this trip is to gain inspiration and resources such as images and information for my final poster.
I feel when I am making a peice I need to gain a full understanding of the place,subject or topic to be able to promote or advertise it.
I will start of by visiting the De La Warr Pavilion in order to gain inspiration from artists work and architecture etc.

My aims for this trip is to create a vast range of sketches, inspiration,photography and research that will help me to create my final piece.
I feel as if to make a productive trip and create successful research I need to risk assess and work out what could go wrong so …..
what can go wrong?
Well.. firstly I want to find something unique and creative for my idea so I guess firstly I worry about finding creative and innovative ideas from one town.
I also need to insure I manage my time in order to gain enough resources for my final.
I am hoping this trip will give me more of an understanding of who my audience will be.
I hope to gain inspiration and make some decisions about my final
This should help me to understand the project well and make me get a feel for the location of my piece.


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