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Phenomenology is based upon experience and consciousness, its the thought that having a relationship with the things around us.This works upon the belief that we all see the world differently, this doesn’t only help with becoming more creative by noticing things that people wouldn’t usually it helps to look at how others view the world therefore you can design for a specific audience better by trying to think how they will look and feel about your piece of design.

It has be shown with research that if we notice the small things in life we will be generally happier . This is also a very good policy to practice in design, noticing things that other people wouldn’t usually notice may inspire you and your ideas therefore creating more unique ideas.
“The real act of discovery comes not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes”
Marcel Proust
To practice the act of looking at things more artistically we poured ink in water but instead of just looking it as ink in water we wrote about it poetically by looking at it with “new eyes” and discovery how it could inspire us and how we could find it beautiful, this was my result:

As the pearl of sunshine yellow drops into the tranquilly settled water it floats gently like an angel flouting amounst the clouds, softly dispersing itself through the crystal clear water bringing it life.It then finally happily settles in to the depths.

This is not how you would usually explain something like this but this practises the act of seeing the beauty in everything.
When I slowed the video down I realised how inspiring the small tributaries of ink trickling through the water truly is, I could create a really interesting piece of design to reflect this.


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