80’s Inspired

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 16.37.16

I picked out some records that I found at a boot sale, I decided to buy these as the type and colours really inspired me as even though I feel some are not best designs the encompass everything the 80s is about and show examples of very different type,col ours and imagery.

This first record cover is Darts- Duke of Earl.
In my opinion this is not the best design although the type and colour scheme are interesting,with a purple to pink gradient in the back ground and a yellow to orange gradient in the type.
The type is what I found most interesting, there is a lot going on but it is still clear and legible, along with the gradient this is a serif font with a drop shadow, drop shadows tend to be on a larger more bold type.
I like this type and think it would look interesting on a modern piece as in my opinion it is quite reflective of the art deco typefaces I have seen with the thin lines and large serif, I am very inspired by the psychedelic colour scheme.


This next record cover is Show Time by Doris Day and Johnny Mathis is a very decorative type face an very thick, Im not quite sure weather I would class this as a serif of sans-serif unless you class the flicks at the bottom of the type  design as serifs.This type face reminds me of the front of an old fashioned theatre or burlesque bar,this is obviously suiting to the theme and I feel that is a good attribute for type as it sets the scene for the design piece and suits the design well.I feel this piece is more modern and better designed, it is more simple and has a nice layout.It  also looks like it may have been designed using rule of thirds which is good for the audiences view of the piece.The colour scheme is slightly more simple but still got the same purple and orange colours in which makes me wonder weather maybe this was a trend in the 80’s.Trends for this time have started coming back around and becoming popular again in this era therefore I think I could use some techniques and colours from this and modernise it maybe for trying to recreate the feeling of the piece and the hippy vibe with the colours.


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