Black And White Or Colour??….

I have completed the designs for my postcards and made them all the same but with different wording and images as I wanted them to work nicely together and simply represent 3 separate elements of mindfulness.

I am struggling to make a decision because I actually really like both examples. I think they are equally effective at communicating the message….

I think I will use the black and white as I think firstly it brings something unique to my portfolio and I think it works nicely to portray a uniform effect with the postcards. I think black and white gives a more uniform effect across each as it gives them another common theme along with the typography and the feet theme.

Typographic choice and connotation consideration

I decided to start off by using the first black and white image that represented the “Relax” postcard.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 12.56.58.png
I placed the typeover this, at first I tried this typeface which I thought might work as it had a slightly rustic feel that I was looking for and was very beachy and loose looking but I really didn’t like it therefore started to trail a few other typefaces.

I thought that the rounded and fluid feel of these typefaces worked better although they were not very rustic, they were almost to polished and clean so I went on the search for a different typeface that was more rustic but was still fluid and relaxed.

I used Dafont to search some new typefaces that I could download.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 13.05.17.png

I started to find typefaces with a brush and rustic effect which I loved. I downloaded a few and made a decision on which one I liked, I chose this one called “wilderness”.

I preferred this typeface and thought it was effective for what I wanted. I also decided to add a part underneath to put the postcards into more context and I am really happy with the outcome, I just need to work out if I would like the black and white or colour.

PostCard Development…

I decided I would use a combination of photoshop and illustrator to create these postcards. I will use photoshop to edit my images and then illustrator for any vector or type work and to export out of.

I started by choosing my images and putting into photoshop.

As you can see I chose to make the images black and white due to the discoveries of different techniques through my research….

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 12.42.26

I also cropped the images down just to show the top of the shoes, I felt this was the best way to do it.

I make them black and white but will be testing both images to see what works best, I did exactly the same with each image please see the images I will be using below..

B&WB&W 2B&W 3

I actually think they are really effectively and work really nicely for the final pieces. I am really happy with them although I will also be testing them with the type over to see what work best.

Photo Selection

So these are the first images that I had planned with the feet in and I actually really like them. I insured I represented the 3 elements of mindfulness that I had mentioned and I think this will do that really effectively. I think they add a lot more personality to the piece and look really interesting. I also insured that throughout my planning stages that I left enough space for type in the image so as you can see a lot of the images have a large portion of background which will work well for type to be layed over as this is a mistake when creating photo content for the summer spreads as I found I had to much detail in the imagery for type so I tried to not repeat this mistake.

I then took similar images without the feet as I was not sure if this technique would work well but I think is something I will have to experiment with when I start the process of creating the artwork.


In my visit to herne bay I experimented a lot with lots of different photography techniques. I took a few long shots with lots of space as I thought this represented clear thinking and breathing techniques really well although it was a bit of a glum day I can use techniques in photoshop to brighten the photography up a little. I tried to represent lots of different photography techniques such as long and close up shots although used depth of field to get some interesting effects such as the image in of the rocks, You would usually have the closest image in focus but I made the close rocks out of focus and had the background more in focus which I thought was an interesting effect.
I tried to represent different elements of my trip I have done one picture of my dog which for some people is quite therapeutic although I am not sure it suits my theme.

I am actually very fond of the effect of the feet in the image as it does exactly what I wanted – I think it adds personality and presence to the imagery. My next stage will be to select some images and edit the imagery how I want them.